How do parents choose scooters for their children?

Time:2019-11-16 10:14:09

Scooter is a tool to exercise children's body balance, and it can also bring a lot of happiness to children. So many parents are willing to buy a scooter for their children, and they also want to buy the best scooter for their children. So, how should parents choose for their children?

   Sports requirements

Hold the handlebar with both hands, do not need to be too tight, so that the handlebar can move back and forth to adjust the direction; one foot stands on the vehicle board, the other foot on the ground push backwards, wait for the car to go on the ground The sliding foot is lifted or placed on the car plate; the faster the pedaling frequency and the greater the strength, the faster the car will go; if you want to stop the car, the sliding foot slowly brakes and waits for the car to stop You can land at the rear.

  Adaptation age: over three and a half years old

Children over three and a half years old can learn to ride a scooter. Before learning, it is best to have the experience of riding a tricycle. This is convenient for the baby to master the handlebar skills to control the steering of the bike; after the child uses the scooter, the baby can quickly master the method of riding the bike , It helps to ride a two-wheeled bicycle in the future.


  The height of the handlebar should be slightly lower than the child's chest, which is conducive to the baby's grip, while the height of the handlebar is not good for the baby to control the handlebar.

   Normally, the handlebars are perpendicular to the body, and the handlebars are only twisted when turning. If the handlebars always turn left or right, the car will turn in a circle in one direction, and the baby will easily fall. Of course, the easy fall is related to the size of the wheel and the use of materials. The larger the wheel and the softer the material, the greater the cushioning effect, and it is much safer to encounter small ditch or uneven roads.

   Choose a place where there are relatively few people, the ground is relatively flat, preferably asphalt or cement road, it is not suitable to do this exercise on smooth marble ground; the speed should also be moderate.

      Especially for children who don’t know how to play scooters, parents must choose to let their children learn to play scooters, teach them how to balance and how to make the scooters slide.

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