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Sales skills are the embodiment of sales ability, and also a kind of work skills. Sales is a process of communication between people. The purpose is to move emotions, understand reason, and induce profit. The sales skills of different products are not the same, and only after knowing the relevant information of each product can you be comfortable.

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Due to the differences in the physical and psychological development of men and women, as well as the different responsibilities and obligations they bear in the family, there are great differences in purchasing and consumer psychology. Sales personnel need to investigate the purchasing tendency of these people on the products being sold at different ages and genders.

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The occupational particularity of sales staff requires them to have keen observation skills, be good at trying to figure out the psychology of various consumers from the appearance, speech and behavior of consumers, correctly judge consumers' intentions and hobbies, and provide targeted reception. Including personal clothing, speech, behavior, occupational age, gender and other information.

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1. Enthusiasm. Sales staff should be enthusiastic at all times. The other person will feel that you are very close and natural. Ammunition is adequate, and you should not be overly enthusiastic, otherwise it will backfire and cause others to have a hypocritical mentality.

2. Cheerful. Maintain a frank and straightforward character, and actively face everyone with this attitude.

3. Gentle. Appears to speak amiably, be generous and natural, and gentle. This will make people feel that you are an easy-to-reach person.

4. Perseverance. One of the volitional characteristics of character. The tasks of business activities are complex, and achieving the goals of business activities is always accompanied by overcoming difficulties. Therefore, business personnel must have a persevering personality. Only with firm will and perseverance can we find ways to overcome difficulties and achieve the expected goals of business activities.

5. Patience. The word "forbearance" is very important for sales staff, to be a "Teenage Ninja Turtles" who can withstand abuse.

6. Humor. A sense of humor can bring you closer to your customers, allowing them to resonate with themselves very easily, and at the same time, get happiness and a smile from you.

Five golden rules

First: When you can’t understand the real problem of the customer, try to let the customer speak

Inquire more questions, with a curiosity, give full play to the spirit of inquiring, let customers complain more, ask more questions, and understand the real needs of customers.

Second: agree with customers’ feelings

After the customer has finished speaking, do not answer the question directly, but avoid it emotionally, such as: "I feel you..." This can reduce the customer's alertness and make the customer feel that you are on the same starting line with him.

Third: grasp key issues and let customers elaborate

 "Restate" the customer's specific objections, understand the customer's needs in detail, and let the customer explain the reasons in detail as much as possible on the key issues.

Fourth: Confirm customer questions and answer customer questions repeatedly

What you have to do is to repeat what you have heard. This is called the first to follow, to understand and follow the part that the customer and you agree with each other. This is the channel for the final transaction, because by doing so, you can understand whether your customers know the benefits of your product. , This lays the foundation for you to guide your customers to the ultimate success.

 Fifth: Let customers understand the real motivation behind their objections

When the customer sees the motivation behind it, sales can start from here, think of and say the value that the customer needs, then the gap between each other will be eliminated, and only in this way can we establish a true relationship of mutual trust with the customer.

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